Brule River

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Wade Into the Water and Cast Your Lines

Visit Solon Springs, Wi For The Best Trout Fishing In The Country. Kayaks Available For Rent At Brule Rental.

St. Croix Inn is located within walking distance of some of the best trout fishing in the country. The Brule River outside of Solon Springs, WI, is full of excellent trout fishing spots, making our inn a perfect place to stay for your weekend fishing trip.

Our lodging near fishing is cozy, comfortable and convenient, giving you quick and easy access to a fishing spot people from all over the world travel to. Call 715-378-4444 today to make a reservation.

When Should You Come To Fish?

If you love fishing, especially trout fishing, there's a good chance you've heard of the Brule River. Presidents and other dignitaries have vacationed here for our famed trout fishing. There are several runs you can visit St. Croix Inn for, including:

Steelhead run, which begins in late March and goes through May.
The lake run of brown trout begins in July and runs through October, with the peak being in mid-July to mid-September.
There's a small run of chinook salmon that passes through from early July through mid-October, with the peak being in mid-August to late September.
The St. Croix Inn is open all year long to accommodate the best trout fishing for every season. Contact us right now to book lodging near fishing and other outdoor recreation opportunities in the Solon Springs, WI area.